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Sherlock Holmes had, in a very remarkable degree, the power of detaching his mind at will. For two hours the strange business in which we had been involved appeared to be forgotten, and he was entirely absorbed in the pictures of the modern Belgian masters.

He would talk of nothing but art, of which he had the crudest ideas, from our leaving the gallery until we found ourselves at the Northumberland Hotel. The book showed that two names had been added after that of Baskerville. One was Theophilus Johnson and family, of Newcastle; the other Mrs.

Oldmore and maid, of High Lodge, Alton. Ce Johnson est un gros marchand de charbon, très ingambe, à peu près de votre âge. Johnson, the coal-owner, a very active gentleman, not older than yourself. Depuis plusieurs années, il descend dans cet hôtel et nous le connaissons tous. Et Mme Oldmore? Je crois me rappeler ce nom. Excusez ma curiosité ; mais souvent, en venant voir un ami, on en rencontre un autre.

Oldmore, too; I seem to remember the name. Excuse my curiosity, but often in calling upon one friend one finds another. Son mari a exercé pendant quelques années les fonctions de maire à Gloucester.

Nous la comptons parmi nos meilleurs clients. Her husband was once mayor of Gloucester. She always comes to us when she is in town. Je regrette de ne pouvoir me recommander auprès de vous de son amitié. Ceci est très suggestif. We have established a most important fact by these questions, Watson," he continued in a low voice as we went upstairs together.

That means that while they are, as we have seen, very anxious to watch him, they are equally anxious that he should not see them. Now, this is a most suggestive fact.

Mon Dieu! Le visage rouge de colère, il tenait à la main une vieille bottine toute poudreuse. As we came round the top of the stairs we had run up against Sir Henry Baskerville himself. His face was flushed with anger, and he held an old and dusty boot in one of his hands. So furious was he that he was hardly articulate, and when he did speak it was in a much broader and more Western dialect than any which we had heard from him in the morning. Certes, monsieur Holmes, je comprends la plaisanterie ; mais celle-ci dépasse les bornes!

By thunder, if that chap can't find my missing boot there will be trouble. I can take a joke with the best, Mr. Holmes, but they've got a bit over the mark this time. And now it's an old black one. Eh bien! Parlerez-vous, idiot, au lieu de rester là à me regarder? I only had three pairs in the world--the new brown, the old black, and the patent leathers, which I am wearing.

Last night they took one of my brown ones, and to-day they have sneaked one of the black. Well, have you got it? Speak out, man, and don't stand staring! Holmes, de vous ennuyer de ces futilités. Well, well, Mr. Holmes, you'll excuse my troubling you about such a trifle" — Pas du tout,… la chose en vaut la peine.

Mais comment expliquez-vous ceci? It seems the very maddest, queerest thing that ever happened to me. Votre cas est très compliqué. Mais nous tenons plusieurs fils, et il faut espérer que les uns et les autres nous conduiront à la solution. Peu importe que nous perdions du temps à débrouiller nos nombreux écheveaux…. Tôt ou tard nous mettrons la main sur le bon. This case of yours is very complex, Sir Henry. When taken in conjunction with your uncle's death I am not sure that of all the five hundred cases of capital importance which I have handled there is one which cuts so deep.

But we hold several threads in our hands, and the odds are that one or other of them guides us to the truth. We may waste time in following the wrong one, but sooner or later we must come upon the right.

Lorsque nous retournâmes au salon, Holmes demanda à Baskerville quelles étaient ses intentions. We had a pleasant luncheon in which little was said of the business which had brought us together. It was in the private sitting-room to which we afterwards repaired that Holmes asked Baskerville what were his intentions.

I have ample evidence that you are being dogged in London, and amid the millions of this great city it is difficult to discover who these people are or what their object can be. If their intentions are evil they might do you a mischief, and we should be powerless to prevent it. You did not know, Dr. Mortimer, that you were followed this morning from my house?

Par qui? By whom? Existe-t-il, parmi vos voisins ou vos connaissances de Dartmoor, un homme portant une longue barbe noire? Have you among your neighbours or acquaintances on Dartmoor any man with a black, full beard? Barrymore, Sir Charles's butler, is a man with a full, black beard.

Where is Barrymore? Barrymore, château de Baskerville. Quel est le bureau de poste le plus proche? Très bien. Si absent, retournez-la à sir Henry Baskerville, Northumberland hôtel. Address to Mr. Barrymore, Baskerville Hall. What is the nearest telegraph-office? Very good, we will send a second wire to the postmaster, Grimpen: 'Telegram to Mr. Barrymore to be delivered into his own hand. À propos, docteur Mortimer, parlez-nous un peu de ce Barrymore.

Mortimer, who is this Barrymore, anyhow? Ils habitent le château depuis quatre générations. They have looked after the Hall for four generations now.

So far as I know, he and his wife are as respectable a couple as any in the county. Connaissaient-ils cette libéralité? Did they know that they would receive this? Sir Charles aimait à parler de ses dispositions testamentaires. Mortimer, "that you do not look with suspicious eyes upon everyone who received a legacy from Sir Charles, for I also had a thousand pounds left to me. And anyone else? The residue all went to Sir Henry.

Holmes raised his eyebrows in surprise. The total value of the estate was close on to a million. Voilà un magot pour lequel un homme peut risquer son va-tout…. Encore une question, docteur Mortimer. It is a stake for which a man might well play a desperate game. And one more question, Dr. Supposing that anything happened to our young friend here--you will forgive the unpleasant hypothesis!

James Desmond est un vieux clergyman du Westmoreland. James Desmond is an elderly clergyman in Westmoreland. Ces détails sont du plus grand intérêt. Connaissez-vous M. James Desmond? These details are all of great interest.

Have you met Mr.


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